Investor - Fintech and Climate


I grew up on the banks of River Seetha in Udupi. Having watched everyone in the family build small businesses, I had decided early in life that I would always want to find my way towards capital markets. Once I graduated from engineering in 2014, I joined D.E Shaw India, a hedge fund. I was amazed at how much more there was to learn; so went and got my MBA in 2019 from the cleanest city on earth, Calgary, Canada.

From 2010 until 2020 was about learning everything in finance and investments. In the process, I was bitten by Venture Capital and how VC investing could potentially build the next notable technology or product. When I left for Canada in August 2017, I knew I would return to India to work for an Indian company. And it all came together in 2020 when I met the fantastic team at Zerodha. I had followed Zerodha for 6 years, and it was serendipitous and lucky that I met the Zerodha team for an opportunity to join them in their mission to help people do better with their money. I currently work at Zerodha, where I help with investments in private markets through Rainmatter. I am also passionate about projects that can help solve climate change and safeguard livelihoods most at risk Rainmatter Foundation.

A lot of finance is just history repeating itself, and since I read a bunch of blogs and listen to a bunch of podcasts weekly, I felt summarizing some of the content and sharing my thoughts with everyone here would help me learn more and improve.

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